Cronometer-Your Health Friend

Hello everyone, today I need to tell you about a website/app I found back in January. Cronometer is a health tracker, in which you input your daily exercise, food, and water intake. You can track your weight, as well as the trends in either your weight loss, weight gain, or weight management. I cannot tell you how many food diary apps I have tried. Each of them were lacking all of the essential nutrients. Cronometer breaks down your macros and shows you exactly how much you are getting from your diet. What I love about this website is that it is goal oriented. Each nutrient has a goal above it, where you need to fill up to 100% to get your daily intake for your body weight/height. It is so satisfying to see your numbers fill up to that 100% mark and see your goals completed. Another great thing this website does, is that you can hover your mouse over any nutrient and it will tell you exactly from what foods did you achieve completion of that goal. For example, let’s say your total carbohydrate goal was 180g. The website will tell you exactly what foods fulfilled that goal of 180g of carb. That could be 30% from the potatoes you had at lunch, 20% of the fruit salad you had for snack, and 50% from casserole you ate for supper. By being able to see my numbers and see exactly what I was lacking each day, made me choose healthier food choices because I was so fixed on hitting my nutrient goals, and for some goals, only plant based foods will fulfill them. I simply cannot say enough about this website. If you are curious about what you consume, want to lose/gain weight, or maintain a healthy lifestyle, this website will help you achieve your goals.

Here’s the link to check Cronometer out!



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