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2016 Beauty Favorites: Glossier, Too Faced, Kat Von D, Chloé

Hello again and Happy New Year! To bring in the new year, I am going to write about my favorite beauty items of 2016. Some amazing products came out last year and I luckily got to test some out. The last time I checked, all of these products are cruelty free, so no animals were harmed in the making.



To start, I fell in love with the brand Glossier this year. The makeup they produce allows your skin to breathe and not feel caked on at all. Your skin, although it still has makeup on it, still looks and feels like skin. The skin tint is wonderful because it doesn’t feel heavy at all. The same goes for the concealer. They work together to even the tone of your skin and correct blemishes without putting a whole other layer on top of your skin. Moving on to the lip products, the balm dot com is my absolute favorite product of the year. I have suffered with dry painful lips and cracking cuticles for the longest time until I discovered this product. It completely changed the game. Balm dot com is similar to vaseline but more moisturizing and smooth in my opinion. Vaseline tends to look greasy and gets all over the place. The great thing about Balm dot com is that it comes packaged in a convenient squeezable tube. I am confident that I can accurately review this product in particular because I have used two entire tubes of it. The first tube I purchased was the original, unscented balm dot com. I loved this so much that I decided to get a flavored/scented one. I went for the rose one and was not disappointed in the least. Overall, if you are looking for a lip balm, go for Glossier’s Balm dot com, you will not be disappointed. I also picked up one of their lipsticks. The color is “zip” and it was inspired by the zipper on their signature pink pouches. This lipstick is magnificent. It gives a hint of color as if you had jut blotted a heavy lipstick. In my opinion the perfect amount of color is distributed onto your lips and is the finishing touch to a makeup look. The next product I really enjoyed in 2016 is Glossier’s Boy Brow. This product is very similar to Benefit’s Gimme Brow but has some advantages over it. While they are both products that distribute color onto your eyebrows through the use of a tiny brush and tint, Boy Brow doesn’t make your brows stiff, but still keeps them in place, unlike Gimme Brow which makes your eyebrows stiff and crusty. I enjoyed both products but if I had to choose one of the other, I would go for Glossier’s Boy Brow, wearing it is a more natural and easier experience. The last Glossier product I am going to talk about is the Priming Moisturizer. Unlike many moisturizing primers this one really soaks into your skin, making it feel supple and healthy before applying makeup. To be honest, I even put this on when I am not putting making on, it is such a great moisturizer in itself. If you are looking for amazing quality makeup that is also healthy for your skin, look at Glossier’s line, I bet you’ll like it.




Too Faced:

This year, I have been particularly fond of two Too Faced products. The first one being their teddy bear hair brush set. I upgraded to these from my elf cosmetics ones this year and could not be more happier with them. The bristles are so incredibly soft that you wouldn’t expect them to be synthetic. They apply product wonderfully and easily. Plus, the pink handle and gold rim makes them even more enjoyable to use! You can probably guess what the next product I have been LOVING is…yep, you were right, its the Sweet Peach Palette everyone panicked over. When it was first released earlier this year, I wasn’t able to get ahold of one and was devastated when I discovered that they were completely sold out. I finally got one in December when they were released again and now I understand the hype around this palette.The colors could not be more perfect and they go so well together. My favorite shades are the pinks, corals, and golds. I cannot wait to use this palette in the spring! Also, the packaging is the cutest thing I have ever seen AND it smells divine! I literally wish Too Faced would come out with a perfume in the same peachy scent that this palette is infused with!!! If you are trying to decide whether or not to get this palette, just get it, trust me you will be overly satisfied with the purchase, it is worth every penny.

IMG_2159 3.JPG


Kat Von D:

In 2016, I discovered a couple products from Kat Von D that have now become my staple items. Starting off, the Shade and Light eyeshadow palette is the best staple eyeshadows you could ask for. They are perfectly matte neutrals that are highly pigmented and last all day. There isn’t much more to say about this amazing palette other than it is the best basic eyeshadow palette that everyone should have in their collection. Moving on, the next product from Kat Von D that I have been loving is her blush. I don’t know what this one in particular is called because i found this gem at Marshall’s surprisingly! It’s kinda rare to find high end makeup at Marshall’s and T.J. Maxx but hey, it was waiting for me to buy it! The color is perfect for my skin tone and I believe it would compliment just about everyone! I love that it includes a lighter and darker side to the blush to give it a more natural color rather than one harsh, solid color on your cheeks. The last product from Kat Von D that I have literally used all year in 2016 is the liquid liner in the color trooper (black). This liner is just great, but what really kept me coming back to it is the tiny precision tip that allows for a sharp wing which I highly appreciate in an eyeliner. 10/10 products via Kat Von D, I am confident that she will continue to make amazing staple products that everyone needs.




I recently went to Marshall’s and discovered a Chloé perfume! It took me by surprise since Chloé is such a high end brand. When I smelled the fragrance, it was so lovely. It smells exactly like gardenias. I will say that it is very strong and you only need one spray. But it does seem to last all day long which is unfortunately rare for most perfumes. I absolutely love this perfume and I will wear it until the bottle is empty!



The last products I have to share with you are the Chella eyebrow pencil, Taste eyebrow powder, and Buxom mascara. I love all of these products so much. As a long time Anastasia  Beverly Hills eyebrow pencil user, I can tell you that I prefer Chella over it. Their pencil is so fine and allows for more realistic looking strokes.I use the color taupe and couldn’t be more happy with it. I pair it with Tarte’s eyebrow powder that lasts all day! Lastly, after trying what seems like every mascara out there, I can finally say that Buxom has created a formula and wand that grabs the hair from the root and gives and natural yet full and curled eyelash look. I absolutely love this mascara!!!




I hope you enjoyed this post and had a wonderful new year!!


Happy New Year everyone!! Until next time,



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