The Body Shop Mini Haul!

Hi everyone, today’s post is going to be about my recent “mini haul” from the Body Shop. My favorite smell from this company is Satsuma. It is a sweet citrusy smell. While I was at Sephora I decided to pick up some of the Satsuma Body Sorbet which I absolutely love. This lotion type cream is great for right when you get out of the shower and need to exfoliate your skin because it has a very rough texture. I was actually really confused the first time I bought this product because it felt just like a shower scrub yet it did not say you need to wash it off. It dried on my skin without leaving a sticky residue so I guess it is just a rough, exfoliating lotion. I couldn’t be any happier with this product. Then I picked up three of The Body Shop’s Shower Gel’s.

$15 // Satsuma Body Sorbet from The Body Shop.

$5 // The first one is the Vineyard Peach Gel. This shower product has a very sweet and strong peach scent. So I would not recommend this for people who are sensitive to extremely sweet scents. I personally really enjoy the smell of this shower gel.

$5 // The next product I got was the Passion Fruit Shower Gel. I had never smelt passion fruit before I found this product so I didn’t know if I would like the smell once I used it. This has a very fruity and exotic scent that is intriguing. I would definitely recommend this to adventurous people who are looking for something different.

$5 // Lastly, I picked up the Sweet Lemon Shower Gel. This gel has such a fresh scent that makes you feel so clean. It leaves you smelling like a lemon long after you get out of the shower. Overall, the lemon scent is my favorite out of the shower gels.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and got some ideas for new products that you may want to try. 🙂

body shop

Until next time,


*I am not sponsored for any of my reviews. I am giving my honest opinion on the products that I purchase*


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