My favorite apps

Hi everyone, sorry I haven’t posted in a while. But, I am here now to talk all about my favorite apps. I have recently found some new apps that I am going to share. The first app is one I use everyday, it is Daily Horoscope. This app lets you choose your zodiac sign and each day it gives you your daily horoscope. Each message is mostly positive and it is great to take a little time each day to read it. It may even give you a better outlook on what is happening in your life. The next app is Spotify. This app is my absolute favorite. This app allows you to listen to songs, albums, playlists, and radios for free. There is also an option to go premium. All you do is pay $10 a month and you get to search specific songs that you want to listen to and you can create your own playlist. I feel like it is cheaper this way than buying songs off of Itunes because of how much I listen to music. But, if you don’t listen to music a lot, then you probably should stick with the free spotify. The next app I use is for news. It is called Buzzfeed. I can look at this news app for hours! There are a bunch of different articles about current events. it is great to catch up on things going on around the world. The last app I am highlighting in the post is Disney Tsum Tsum. This app is so enjoyable and addicting. It is a game where you connect clusters of the Tsum Tsum to make a pair or grouping. It is great for when you are bored and need to see some cute animated characters! That is it for this post, there will be more coming.


Until next time,




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